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Elven Assassin – Top VR Arcade game available for Oculus Quest.

Aktualisiert: Feb 9

(Commercial license for Arcade Parks required)

As Wenkly Studio we want to meet expectations of many arcade owners and provide them with the possibility of licensing our bestseller VR arcade game Elven Assassin also for their Oculus Quest headsets.

Even though the arcade version of Elven Assassin is still in progress for Quest, licensing for these headsets is still worth considering.

Oculus Quest is a standalone virtual reality headset, which means that it

doesn’t need a connection to a PC or smartphone to work. As a result, it

allows you to take if from one location to another in an easy manner. This might be a big plus for mobile arcades that travel with VR hardware to events

and festivals.

Remember that to use the Elven Assassin in your arcade you need to contact us first at

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